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 Method acting

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PostSubject: Method acting   Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:09 pm

As you all know (I think) Christian is a a notorious method actor, who lost a staggering 63 pounds (31,5 kg) for the 2004 film The Machinist. At the moment he's filming in Los Angeles for his new film The Fighter. In the movie, Christian plays “welterweight boxer turned trainer turned drug addict” Dickie Eklund (welterweight is heavier than lightweight but lighter than middleweight). And he really looks like a drug addict at the moment. He lost much weight and they thinned even his hair.

Source: Just Jared

And with knowing that I just wanted to know: what do you think about Christians method acting?

For me I can just say I am torn between "It's good for his acting." and "It's bad for his health & looks." I don't know which to choose from this 2 opinions. I mean he really looks like a drug addict atm and not even his cutie smile from the last 2 pictures changes that. I think. The movie should better be good for let Christian look like this. *wants the Bruce Wayne hair back* ;___;
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Method acting
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