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 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

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PostSubject: 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil   5.01 Sympathy for the Devil Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 9:24 pm

Episode Summary:
Sam, Dean, and Bobby must deal with the aftermath of the Devil's escape from Hell, and receive startling news from the Prophet Chuck.


So ... did you watch the episode so far? What do you think?

Here is my review but BEWARE there are SPOILERS in it!

Quote :
Now while watching I was thinking about what to write here and stuff and always when something happened it just rushed into my mind what I could write about. But until now ... I almost forgot everything. My mind is like blank. And I just can think: OMG. OMG. OMG! It's insane. But it's always like that when I try to write a review. I just suck at it. Lol

The first thing ... the plane! See I told ya I saw that Dean's on a plane! Okay they showed it in the promo but you know ... you couldn't be that serious about it. But I just KNEW it! But that they like put them into a plane in the first five minutes ... now that's ... I dunno how to describe. I just thought they would put them on the plane later in the season. But it's okay for me. Very Happy But Dean wasn't like I expected him to be. I mean: Hello! He's on a FREAKIN PLANE! And he wasn't even to close to a freakout. That just sucked.

And the new ... I dunno. The Supernatural thing. You know. Before they blend in the actors and stuff. Hell! It looks just awesome this season. It's my favorite from all seasons! With the blood (is it blood? o.O) and stuff. Wha. Even better than last season's. Very Happy I was sitting in front of my notebook and was just thinking "WTH! HOW AWESOME!" Very Happy And then I was just freaking happy to see that Misha's now main cast. Awesome, just awesome! Congrats again, Misha! Very Happy

I have to admit ... I don't like Zachariah. He just annoys me so freakin much. It isn't funny anymore. And wha! I loved Dean's move. That he send them away. It was so great. And I just thought: "Ha!" Very Happy

Uh and Nick ... I kinda knew that he would be Lucifer's vessel. It was so clear from the first moment on. At least for me. Lol But I kinda thought they would take an more ... famous actor or so. You know? But whatever. I think he will play the role well. Or ... I hope so. Cause if not it would be shitty, pretty shitty. Don't you think?

Haha and the fanfic girl! WHAT THE HELL! I was just laughing. That was so funny. And when she met Sam & Dean. OMG! I loved that moment. And later Sam like "Can you stop touching me?" and she was like "No." OMG. Hilarious!

And Bobby had the Impala! YAYS! I was so glad to see Bobby and the Impala of course. Cause I wondered at the beginning after the plane thing where the Impala was cause I noticed that Dean & Sam weren't driving with her. o.o But yays for Bobby. Very Happy But ... when he told Sam that if this was all over he should loose the number I was just like "O.O WTH! Are you serious?!" I mean ... THAT was pretty hard. Even for Bobby. o.o And later then ... When Bobby attacked Dean I first thought he was Lucifer. Lol But ... THAT would like be ... I dunno. Can't describe it. I was just like "OMG! But it's not Lucifer in him?! You serious!" But then his eyes went like black and from that moment on I just knew that Bobby couldn't be Lucifer. Cause I think Lucifer wouldn't have black eyes. He's got a special color I guess. I hope. o.o *shrugs* We will find out I guess.

The Meg girl annoyed me. Hope she doesn't come back. She like mumbled too much. I had my problems to understand her. And I don't like her. Lol So hopefully she doesn't come back. >,>

When they where in the storage ... and Zachariah came by AGAIN. WTH is this freaking angel thinking?! That he's to boss or what?! I just can't stand him and I was SO GLAD when Cas showed up. I like saw the white light and I immediately thought of Cas. And he killed that other angelthings. I am glad about it. And he send Zachariah away. Thank God for that. Cas ruls! Very Happy And I really, REALLY think that God himself put the boys into the plane and brought Cas back. I mean who else should have done it? Anna maybe? But I guess she doesn't have enough power to do that. Whatever. I think God did it. And I think that is the reason why Cas didn't answer and disappeared like that. o.o

And fuckin Nick invited the DEVIL IN! WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING! JUSTICE! Ha! In which world does he live! Oh my goodness ...

Aw and the end. It like tissues alarm. When Bobby tells Sam he was awake and he doesn't mean it like that. *-* But after it ... Dean. Wth! I mean I can kinda understand him but I just don't know how that will end. With the brothers I mean. They've been through so much and now Dean tells Sam that he can't trust him! I mean in Dean's position I wouldn't trust Sam at all, too. But does he have to tell him! What's going on here! I miss the brothers from Season 1. *cries*

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PostSubject: Re: 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil   5.01 Sympathy for the Devil Icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 12:07 pm

Finally got the chance to watch it and I was like WOW!! They boys are back!! Very Happy

The epi was really awesome and OMG Castiel Shocked when he came for the first time I was like...YAY!! and he is so awesome...I love him so much <3
I was like callin Castiel and 3 seconds later he appeared Razz
Aww and the end...I miss the brothers from season 1 too Sad

And I LOVE Bobby....I love him screaming around in the hospital hahaha Razz

Amazing episode...so lookin forward to the next epi Very Happy

"you should keep your distance ass head" lol!
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5.01 Sympathy for the Devil
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